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WW'09 SC CASANOVA DE KHAZAD-DM *F DVM DM, NFO n 09 22, MALE, 2007-08-13


There he was our frenchman! After a long time looking in other country's for a new male we found him
De Khazad-Dm cattery with some help from friends . We really wanted something special that can give
our breeding something extra both in qualities and some new lines. His mum and dad is two really fantastic cats.
Casanova has many qualities that we like. He has plenty of coat and he is also a big cat already
with a strong bonestructure, straight profile, good chin, nice ears and he has a fantastic look!

Merci, Nicole for trusting us and for letting Casanova move to us all the way to Sweden.
You know that we will always take the best care of Casanova.

We cant wait to se how the kittens between him and Alma will look like. Waiting for him
to grow up, we will take him to catshows and we hope that he will like beeing at shows.

In June 2008 his first kittens was born together with our S*NC's Cry Wolf. There was six kittens
in our
S*NC's Daft Punk litter, and they all looked very promising.
We will follow their developments with pleasure.

During 2008 we have taken Casanova to some catshows and he got some very nice judgements.
The best thing with him is his lovely temperament! He is so relaxed with all other cats around him.

In october he became father again to three lovely kittens in
S*Sweet Scarlet's cattery.

A new year, and it started with six beautiful kittens in S*Restless cattery.
This was his third litter and now we are waiting for him to meet
Alma and we hope we will have some kittens in spring 2009.

We had another plans for Singel, but since she not had come in heat for a long time
we changed our plans and let her meet Casanova, so in May 2009
S*NC's Pink litter
was born. In June 2009 Almas and Casanovas kittens were born in S*NC's Queen litter.

The combination between Alma and Casanova became very nice, not only the offsprings
development, it was a fact in October 2009, when Casanova became World Winner,
that the Queen-litters both parents are World Winners! Who could ever guess that?

During the year 2009/2010, the Queen-litter has done a fantastic results on cat shows.
Four of the kittens became Junior Winners - Back Chat, Invisible Man, Killer Queen and Cool Cat.
We are so proud!

In 2010 Casanova became father in four other cattery's. First it was FoxyPaw's cattery in Finland.
Then it was two cattery's from Sweden, S*Erfala's and S*Robcken's cattery. His last litter
outside our cattery was born in cattery des Iles Lofoten*F (the cattery were Drangedal is born).

We also had one litter in our own cattery as well, between S*NC's Words Unspoken and this
litter was named - Madonna litter. There were two males and three females.

In 2012 he had two litters. The first was in
SE*Storytail's cattery and the second one
in our own cattery. The litter was
Boney M litter. This was the first time in our
cattery that there were born solid cats. Two females and one male.
It was not ment to keep a kitten from this litter, but we couldn't resist
the most wounderful male kitten - S*NC's Rasputin.



Casanova was tested for HCM 2008 and 2009, his heart was normal.
GSD IV-negative (both parents tested negative)

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