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S*NC'S CHINA GIRL, NFO g 09 23, FEMALE, 2012-05-27

Since Alma did'nt have any tortiefemales so far, I have started to plan for a
new mating between a red male. There he was - GIC S*Zygot's Cornetto!
When Alma was going to deliver the kittens, I was so excited. The first one was a boy,
the second ...... and so on. When the fifth kitten also was a boy, I had to give up my
dream of a tortie girl from Alma. The sixth kittens was blue ..... but there was something
red in her face? YES it was a blutortie girl for me :-) She saved her to the end, just to
make it more excited! Since the theme for this litter was David Bowie,
her name became China Girl.

Thank you Annika, S*Zygot's cattery, for letting Alma meet handsome Cornetto!


She will be tested for HCM.
GSD IV-negative (both parents negative)

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