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Leo, as we call him was born 2004-11-02 in the S*Restless cattery in Härryda, outside Göteborg.
He was one of the males in the X-litter. There he was waiting for us because he was the only
one left for sale. In January 2005 we took a trip to Göteborg to take him with us
Now he lives in Bålsta with us and we are so happy that we could have him.

At his first catshow in february 2005 he got Ex1 and BIV-total.
Then it became more shows. It can be long days of course but when he's back home he can play with
his catfriends in the catyard. His favorite friend is Singel and they have lots of fun together.
When the weather is nice they stays out and play the hole day long.

When it's time for bed he always will sleep next to his mistress. He wants to be fondle with
until he's satisfied otherwise he will push with his nose for more. Next morning it's the same procedure
until it's time for breakfast. After breakfast it's time to go out and play again.

Leo is a very beautiful cat. He has got the lenght and he is also high with a long bushy
tail and we think he's got the look! He is a cat that talks a lot. When you call out for him he will answer you
with his special way of talking. We are so found of him and we are sure that he will give
us great offsprings in the future.

Finally Leo got his first litter 2005-12-26, with GIC S*Solfjäderns Love (Flingan) in
S*Pole Position's cattery. Flingan lives not far away from us so we will
be able to follow this litter very close. His second litter was born in
Norway 2006-01-13, with IC (N) Poten's Dizzy in
(N) Bytangen's cattery.

In January 2006 Leo got the Champion title. We also went to Norway for his first Norwegian CACIB
and he managed that to. Finally, in March 2006 we had our first litter in our own cattery.
Leo and
S*Sir Maxwell's Singel gave birth to four lovely kittens in our KISS-litter.

In September 2006 he became Grand Internationell Champion.
We will continue to show him at catshows as long as he likes it.

In february 2007 Leo also became grandfather to the beautiful kittens in a-ha litter.
The mother is
S*Sir Maxwell's Singel and the father is Leo's beutiful son
IC (N)Bytangen's Asgeir from the (N)Bytangen's litter.

In the end of June 2007 Leo became grandfather to four little kittens in
(N)Flyttikattas cattery,
the mother is (N)Fyttikattas Eva Rosenkrantz and the father is Leo's son (N)Bytangen's Asgeir.

In July 2007 he got six grandchildrens in (N)Tumay's cattery, the mother is Leo's
daughter S*Pole Position's Canary Wharf and the father is (N)Quinsy's Santo.

In the january 2008 he became grandfather in
(N)Gule Huset's cattery
and in (N)Norodden's cattery.

In March 2008 our dreams came through, Alma and his Supertramp-litter was born
and they got seven beautiful kittens. There were five girls and two boys. At the
same time he became father in Norway with
(N)Fodnaheia's Zoe
that lives in (N)Howlid's cattery.

This was his last litter because he is now neutered and we hope that
he now will have some time, thinking about other things than girls!


Leo was tested for HCM in October 2005 and January 2008. His heart was normal.
He has also been tested negative for Felv and FIV 2005 and 2007.
GSD IV-negative 2008-05-02

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