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PUSHAN OMAHKATAYO*PL, NFO n 09 23, MALE, 2012-05-04

One day I found this handsome boy on FB, and I could't understand
why this kitten still was for sale? So I contacted his breeder Anna in Poland and
when she told me that Pushan could move to us, our happiness was accomplished.
He is such a lovely and promising boy. He has a long body on high legs and the tail has a good lenght.
He has a very nice triangle head with a good chin. His ears has a nice shape and wide at the base.
The profile is straight with a rounded forehead. He has a fantastic coat quality.
He also has the right expression and the best of all - his lovely temperament!
We cant wait to se his first kittens with some of our girls :-)

Thank you so much Anna, cattery Omahkatayo*PL, for this treasure <3


He will be tested for HCM.
GSD IV-negative (both parents negative)

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