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S*LITTLE L'S SUNSTORM, NFO as 03 22, FEMALE, 2013-05-05

I have for some time been looking for a silver girl, and it's been close several times but never gone all the way.
So one day, I suddenly saw a photo on FB on a little girl that I just could not let go.
In the end I made a visit at the home of Sylvia, breeders of S * Little L's,
at last I had found my silver dream girl.

Sunny that was her nickname, stepped right into our house and was absolutely fearless both our cats
and our
two crazy dogs. Her personality is amazing and we were simply forced to rename her
to Funny
precisely because she is always fun and always find lots of mischief.

Besides her lovely temperament she has many fine technical features that I like, for example,
beautiful ears with huge tassels. She has a good profile with a nice rounded forehead and a lovely look.

There are already plans for who will be her first date ..... we hope it will be by the end of

Thank you Sylvia, S*Little L's cattery, for letting this little Sunstorm enjoy our life!


She will be tested for HCM.
GSD IV-negative (both parents negative)

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