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We are a family who lives in a house in Bålsta, westside Stockholm. Our name is Susanne,
Peo and our daughter Sandra. Besides the interest of our cats we also like gardendesign.
We spend lots of time to plant flowers and trees.
Welcome in to our garden!

Our breeding was actually started 1996. We started a very small breeding of birman cats.
The breedingname was S*Västergöken's Sacred Birman Cats.

In autumn 2004 we went to a catshow with one of our Birmancats. Suddenly we saw a very
beautiful cat, a big Norwegian Forest Cat who was brown mackerel tabby.
We just fell in love.

At home we started to look after a kitten and there he was, the last one still for sale. His name was
S*Restless Nightcrawler. He was our first Norwegian Forest Cat and we are so
happy that we could have him.

Today we have one Sacred Birman Cat from our own breeding together with the Norwegian Forest Cats.
The cats give us so much of happiness. They live with us in the house like familymembers but they
also likes to go out in the catyard.


Take a look at our catrun!


S*Restless Nightcrawler (Leo as we called him) will be the character in our breeding of
Norwegian Forest Cats. As we are a small cattery, we will only have a few litters each year.

The most important is healthy and beautiful kittens with a nice temperament.
We have our own Veterinarian for regular consulting and treatment.

You are always welcome to follow what's happening in our cattery.


Susanne Zobell
Skiffervägen 37
746 41 Bålsta

+46 (0) 70 440 26 34




Tillstånd för uppfödning:
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