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The building of our new catrun is finished :-)



Finally it is finished!! The electrecity is done, two boxes for the males so they
can go outside when they want to. We are so pleased that they now can enjoy it permanent.

The house and catrun from the outside.

Entré to the house were we can sit and look at our friends :-)

A table were I can camb the cats and have cat-things in the boxes.

Two seperate boxes in the house with two seperate catruns.

What are you staring at?

I'm so tired ;-)

Catdoors to connect the catrun and the house

Outside in one of the catruns .....

..... and the other

Bushes to hide in!

Houses outside when it's raining :-(

S*NC's Dangerous is enjoying the outside life :-)

End of catrun project so the next project can take place ;-)



This summer has finally get our cats a new life. Now they can be outside in our new catrun.
But there is still a lot to do inside the house. We have started to prepar for electrecity:
We really hope that we will finish the house before the winter will come.


Now the net for the roof has arrived. The size of the roof is 10x12 m2.
Soon it's time for the cats to come out and enjoy their new catrun.
We will then continue the building inside the house.



Some of the things inside the catrun is now taking place.
Soon it's also time to put on the roof.

Here is a cherry tree in full bloom :-)


Well, now all snow is gone and the spring is here.
Finally we have started to build on the catrun again.


Winter time in our garden and the catrun. We still need electricity before we can
continue the building inside the house.



Now we have started with the catrun. Here we are building the two catruns that
will be seperated from eachother but still very close.



Now we have finished the painting of the house so it will manage the winter. We have now
started the work inside. We need to isolate it and install electricity before it gets to cold.
But there is a lot still to do, the catrun is still left!

I couldn't wait, and did some decoration. It say's - Bird food for free!!



It was a long time since we updated our cathouse building. We dont have that much of time anymore in
the weeks. So we do most of the building on the weekends and at last the roof is finished.
We still need to do some painting before the winter and then we need to build the catrun as soon as possible.



Since our holiday are finished now, the house buildning are not going so fast anymore.
But we have started with the painting now so there is hope.



Now the house is build. There is still some things left to do like painting and other things.
And of course the catrun outside is still left to built.

And finally the roof is finished also.

The roof is almost finished.

The roof is still missing.

The floor is taking place.



Yes, now we have started to build the ground of the house.
It's important to protect the wood so Peo is putting on some oil.



Our new cathouse has arrived and we have started to dig.
The house will be 15 kvm and we will have two catruns connected to it.


September 2008 from catrun 2


Our catrun 2 one was built 2007

Our new catrun is 30 m² big.

We can choose if we want to go out or stay inside.


Alma in the snow.

Singel in the snow.

Our first catrun was built 2005

At springtime 2005 we decided to built a little catyard for our cats. Inside the cathouse their
is holes so they can jump up or down to the other floors. On the back we are going to built
doors so it will be easy to clean up inside the house.

It took us some time but it was worth every minute - I think the cats
will agree. Finished! Time to play.

Shadow boxing .......and then cool off in the pool. What´s happening over there?

We all have our own flat of course.