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This is our plans for 2014 and 2015
(but plans are just plans, so they can be changed)


Expecting kittens in week 27!

We have decided that China will meet our new beautiful young male Pushan, next time.
It will be a new and exciting combination and we think they will give us nice kittens with a strong NFO look!

                 Sire                       PEDIGREE                       Dam                  
              Pushan Omahkatayo*PL,                                          S*NC's China Girl,                     
                   NFO n 09 23                                                       NFO g 09 23                       
                   more pictures                                                   more pictures                      

Colours: Males - Brown, Blue or red agouti, with or without white.
Colours: Females - Brown, Blue or tortie agouti, with or without white.

Expecting kittens in week 31!

We will let ''Blbr'' meet our handsome male Casanova as soon as possible.
This combination has been done before in
Madonna litter and we already know that this will be strong
and wonderful kittens with a strong NFO expression!

                 Sire                       PEDIGREE                       Dam                  
                              WW'09 SC Casanova                                         SC S*NC's Words Unspoken,                         
                   de Khazad-Dm*F, DVM DM                                            JW DM, DSM,                             
                          NFO n 09 22                                                      NFO a 09 24                          
                        more pictures                                                    more pictures                        

Colours: Males & females - Brown agouti, with or without white.

We have more exciting plans coming up soon!

Finally I will plan for the first S*NC's litter.
''Queeni'' will go to see our beauty Rasputin in Denmark!
They both have a great NFO look and it will be exciting
to see how this combination will be?

                       PEDIGREE                       Dam                  
                            S*NC's Rasputin,                                               S*NC's Queen Of Rain,                         
                                  NFO n 03                                                           NFO n 03 23                                
more pictures                                                    more pictures                        

Colours: Males & females - Blue & Brown agouti or nonagouti, with or without white.

If you are interested in our plans you are welcome to contact us!

Susanne Zobell

+46 70 440 26 34