Författare: Susanne Zobell

  • S*NC’s Stormwind 6 months old

    S*NC’s Stormwind 6 months old

    He has developed to a wonderful young male. He will stay here for some months more before he will move far away to another country.

  • Snow litter 5 weeks old

    Snow litter 5 weeks old

    They grow so fast now and all of them eats already Royal Canin dry food. They are playful and so sweet to cuddle with.

  • We welcome a new red beautiful boy

    We welcome a new red beautiful boy

    He is a very nice and harmonic boy in every way. He also has the most lovely temperament. We are so happy that S*Beyond Garfield could move to us. Thank you so much Bibbi Åberg for this wonderful boy <3

  • Snow litter 3 weeks old

    Snow litter 3 weeks old

    They are so cute now and they have started to walk around in the kitten box and trying to play with eachother. They are like big snow balls!

  • Snow litter is born!

    Snow litter is born!

    The litter between our white femal (N) Alneskatten’s Alone and S*NC’s Calleth Me Cometh I, got 3 white beautiful kittens. 2 males and 1 female. Last time our white girl had kittens there were no white kittens so we are so happy now that we finally got our first litter with white ones. You can […]

  • Finally she is here!

    Finally she is here!

    Our new beautiful girl BR*Miadore Zoraide. We have been waiting for a very long time and finally we could take her home at the World Show in Finland. She comes all the way from Brazil and is a daughter of our S*NC’s Funny Funny. We are so greatful to our dear friends Danieli & Lucas […]

  • We expect kittens

    We expect kittens

    We are so happy to annunce that we expect kittens in the beginning of December. The parents are CH (N) Alneskatten’s Alone and our strong boy GIC S*NC’s Callet You Cometh I. This is the second litter for our white girl and now we hope for some white kittens.

  • Europe litter 14 weeks

    Europe litter 14 weeks

    We still have three lovely males for sale in this litter. Feel free to ask about them and take a look at new pictures of them.

  • New pictures on The Beatles litter 15 weeks

    New pictures on The Beatles litter 15 weeks

    All kittens in this litter is now sold. Three of them have already moved and the last one will move soon. We wish all the new owners and kittens good luck in there new homes.

  • Kittens in Europe litter 10 weeks

    Kittens in Europe litter 10 weeks

    Already 10 weeks old and some of them are now booked and we are happy to have found nice homes for them. The kittens are a little bit smaller than I’m used to at this age, but since they are 7 kittens it’s normal. They are all so sweet and there is new pictures on […]