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05 apr WW 2017 – HAAG

Unfortunately, this was not the most memorable World Show we have been to. It was very poorly organized and you could neither hear nor see your cat when it was judged. But it's always fun to meet all nice people who come to WW every year....

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04 apr WW 2016 – WIEN

The World Show in Vienna was a very special time for us. This was Alma's first WW show as a neuter and it became also her last WW show. Alma had turned 10 years old and we could never have dreamed that she would win her...

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04 apr WW 2014 – PRAUGE

This year the World Show was in the beautiful city of Prague. As usual we traveled with good friends and their cats. We had with us Alma, S*NC's Dangerous (Randis), S*NC's Zilly Boy Blue (Zillen) and S*NC's The Worrying Kind (Ibra) was also here. All...

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