S*NC's | S*NC’s QUEEN OF HEARTS (NFO f 09 24) neutered female
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S*NC’s QUEEN OF HEARTS (NFO f 09 24) neutered female



Former breeding cats

This is ”Dockan” as we call her. She is a daughter after our S*NC’s China Girl and the father is a very handsome white male SC S*Little L’s Humble, JW DVM DSM. We are so thankful to Sylvia in S*Little L’s cattery that she let us do this mating. Dockan was one of two in S*NC’s Whitesnakes litter and the only girl. There was no question that she must stay. She has a fantistic colour and pattern, she has also a very nice triangle, ears and look. She has grown up together with our male ”Pingu” and this was her first date as well. This litter, S*NC’s Beyonce litter, was born in February 2017 and the two female kittens looks very promising. We hope for many nice kittens from this little tortie girl in the future.



HCM-not tested. GSD4 N/N, PK-def N/N