S*NC's | S*BEYOND GARFIELD NFO d 09 22 neutered male
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S*BEYOND GARFIELD NFO d 09 22 neutered male



Former breeding cats

Suddenly there he was, a male with a fantastic qualities. I really didn’t need a new male but I couldn’t resist this lovely guy.


He has a fantastic head that has a very broad triangle shape and his ears are very wide at the base and has a perfect placement. I also love his look that is a great NFO look for me.
Im so happy that he also got a pedigree were I could find some of my cats that I once started my breeding with and there is also some new lines.
Garfield is actually a cat that is the result of fine cooperation between different breeders from several Scandinavian countries and all the way to Brasil. It will be very interesting to have him in our breeding work.



I’m so greatful to Birgitta Åberg, S*Beyond cattery that he could live with us!




HCM not tested.

GSD4 N/N. PK-def N/N