S*NC's | S*NC’s WINTER MELODY (NFO f) neutered female
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S*NC’s WINTER MELODY (NFO f) neutered female



Former breeding cats

This girl was not ment to stay but several circumstances made her stay here. We really do not regret it since she have developed into a very attractive girl. Her colour is very special and her look is fantastic. She is also very harmonious in everything. Her coat is outstanding just like a NFO should be.


This girl was one of the girls from S*NC’s Donna Summer litter. The parents are (N) Alneskatten’s Alone & Pushan Omahkatayo*PL. We are so happy that we have saved the lines from Pushan Omahkatayo*PL since this was his last litter. It will be so interesting to follow her grow up.




Will be tested for HCM.

GSD IV-negative (both parents negative) PK-def negative