S*NC's | WW 2018 – TAMPERE
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This year we did not bring any cat except our little boy S*NC’s Imagine who would followed his new owner who lives in China.

Our friends from Italy brougt with them S*NC’s Te Amo and his son IT*Nimue Diamonds who also won the WW-2018! Big congrats!

There were several offsprings in place. From Finland S*NC’s Alladin Sane and S*NC’s Killer Queen. It was so nice to meet all ”our” cats again.

We are also so proud and happy that Royal Canin had made a small tribute to our fantastic Alma who left us earlier this year. They had made pictures of different age stages and what food the cat eats during these developmental stages. In addition, we had to record a film that was shown to tell about this. Thanks Royal Canin!

We also want to congratulate all Swedish owners who won the WW-title this year, a total of 4! Congratulations!