S*NC's | ZAMBEZI PUSZYSTEKOTY*PL (NFO n 09 22) neutered female
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ZAMBEZI PUSZYSTEKOTY*PL (NFO n 09 22) neutered female



Former breeding cats

Zambezi or ”Zamba” as we call her is a very special girl. We liked her from the first time we saw her. So once again we could bring home a kitten from Poland. We are so thankful to her breeder Joanna Ziemi for letting her move to us. She has a very long and straight profile and the chin is also very good. She also has an interesting pedigree with a lot of old cats, specially on her mothers side. Together with this we think she can bring a lot of good things in our future plans.

She had her firts kittens together with the handsome boy GIC S*NC’s Dangerous. He is a very strong boy with a long body and he also got that warm coat colour. We cant wait to see his and Zamba’s kittens grow up. We are so thankful to Fam. Matei that we could have one litter after your beautiful boy.



HCM not tested. GSD4 N/N. PK-def N/N